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Feeding Picky Eaters At A Dinner Party

Woman offering food to picky eater

Whether the difficulties are by choice (vegetarian or vegan), restriction (gluten or lactose intolerance), or simply that finicky friend who doesn’t like anything, hosting a dinner party doesn’t have to be a mine field when it comes to navigating the menu options.  As long as you know in advance which things to avoid, you can […]

Fun Summer Party Nibbles to Serve Your Guests!

Summer party

Have you ever been invited to a party and been asked to bring a plate to share?  We all have!  In some parts of the country, this can be referred to a potluck.  I have actually considered writing a cookbook called “A Plate to Share” but since that is still a future project, here are […]

What to Take to a Summer Party

Friends in a yacht

The best way to seek relief from this summer heat is to dive into a cool pool!  However, depending on the situation, you may want to rethink the new Brazilian thong bikini before you head to your boss’s house for a barbecue.  Here is a quick rundown of what to take to a pool or […]

The Cutest Wedding Party Looks from Weddington Way

Bridal party styled by Weddington Way

Weddington Way has recently launched its new groomsmen collection, The Gent Shop, and what a shop it is! All the looks are incredibly dapper, and any party would look stunning in the looks they have on offer. Weddington Way is an online, collaborative shop for all your bridal needs. Whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid, […]

Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

Prospective brides from all over the world dream of their wedding day and donning a beautiful gown as they walk down the aisle. Weddings gowns are usually white and made with quite a lot of fabric. Traditionally, wedding gowns can be passed on from mother to daughter as long as it’s still in good condition. […]

Solutions for Common Wedding Day Mishaps

Long train of woman's white wedding dress

Most women I know that have gotten married took great pains to ensure that nothing went wrong on their big day. I realize that it really was one of the most special of days and it only stands that they want everything to go right. However, as a famous writer once said “the best laid […]

Flower Crowns During Music Festivals

Flower crowns have been a thing in the fashion scene lately. They add up an instantly feminine look and can be worn to match just about any outfit depending on the size as well as color of the flowers used. They can also be made from faux flower pieces or real flowers if you have […]

4th of July Party Ideas

I love celebrations! What better way to enjoy the 4th of July than to have some interactive party ideas? Whenever there are special occasions, I enjoy them more when they are interactive. These party ideas I am going to share with you will make July 4th more festive. Pre-Party Ideas to set the Mood Here […]

What to Wear to a Bridal Shower

Well, one of the most enjoyable things about getting ready for a wedding is the whole excitement of creating the desired look! In fact whether it is your big day or you simply are invited to participate as a guest still there is the big concern of creating an outstanding look! Now, as we all […]

Wedding Dress Fashion Trends 2014

After the whole excitement of the proposal comes up the whole planning for the big day and of course among the most important decisions that are needed to be first appears to be your wedding look. Considering how hard it is to choose among the innumerous stunning wedding dresses suggested we decided to make it […]