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4th of July Party Ideas

I love celebrations! What better way to enjoy the 4th of July than to have some interactive party ideas? Whenever there are special occasions, I enjoy them more when they are interactive. These party ideas I am going to share with you will make July 4th more festive.

Pre-Party Ideas to set the Mood

Here are some things you can consider doing to set that 4th of July spirit:

  • Patriotic banners (with the help of your kids) – You can make star banners with the colors of the flag, or some easy-to-hang blue, red, and white crafted paper decoration. You can even make party hats in the same patriotic colors!
  • Watermelon cutouts – You can carve out some messages on watermelons—get creative with what you want to place, and make some juice from the fruit itself!
  • Candles and flowers – Brighten up the table by having some candles and flowers (make sure the colors match the motif!). You can simply wrap colored paper around vases and candles!
  • Patriotic cake icing – Have fun decorating a cake with the colors of the day! You can even choose some of those special party cake sparklers when you decide to bring the cake out.

Party Fun

Here are ideas for the kids and adults to have more fun:

  • Have a bike racing game for the kids. Put some flags on their bikes to set the mood, and whoever wins takes home a basket of goodies.
  • Tell some stories over wine. Prepare a good quality wine bottle and share it with friends and the family. You can tell stories of previous 4th of July parties or segue the talk to some historical facts you know about this day.
  • Roast some marshmallows in a fire pit. When grilling your sandwiches and burger patties are over and the sun has set, try roasting some marshmallows over a little bonfire or fire pit. This will make everyone feel like you’re out camping.
  • Bring out the fireworks. It maybe dangerous to set off your own fireworks but you probably don’t have to search hard to find a public fireworks display. In most major cities if you have a good vantage point like a high rise or top of a hill you can see lots of fireworks at once!

Consider adding these activities and neat little tricks for your 4th of July celebration!

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