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Ideas For A Great Potluck Dish

Image of a potluck party

For most of the gatherings in our group of friends, the guests are invited to bring their own beverages and ‘a plate to share’. I love this idea – it alleviates some of the stress and cost of the host/hostess and it ensures that everyone will have something to eat because they will bring something […]

Sumptuous Dishes to Prepare to Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day American flags

We have simple celebrations for Memorial Day every year, and I find ways to make the day more enjoyable by having good food to match the occasion. The kitchen really does become a very busy place come Memorial Day, and here are some of the favorite recipes we have for this event which we celebrate […]

4th of July Party Ideas

I love celebrations! What better way to enjoy the 4th of July than to have some interactive party ideas? Whenever there are special occasions, I enjoy them more when they are interactive. These party ideas I am going to share with you will make July 4th more festive. Pre-Party Ideas to set the Mood Here […]