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Category Archives: Fitness

21 TRX Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Woman with TRX

What Exactly is TRX? TRX is a type of suspension training or resistance training that utilizes your own body weight for resistance instead of other types of freestanding weights such as free weights, barbells, or kettlebells.  The basic device consists of a long strap with a hand grip on either end.  It sounds deceptively easy, […]

The Ultimate Workout Playlist

Woman in workout outfit against white background

Sometimes you need a little extra motivation to get yourself in the zone for the best workouts. As anyone who’s ever been to a spin class knows, sometimes music can be the best motivator. Here are the best songs to add to your playlist to ensure you’re reaching your maximum workout potential! “Indestructable” by Robyn […]

Garcinia Cambogia for Weight Loss Management

Garcinia Cambogia on the tree

I have been hearing a great deal of buzz about this weight loss supplement called Garcinia Cambogia and how it’s supposedly the HG of weight loss. Well, I am a skeptic and before I join the bandwagon, I need to know more about the product and how it is supposed to work. I mean, I […]

Should You Try Tai-chi?

Woman performing tai chi moves

I’ve seen groups of people in the park during early mornings doing some calming moves which to me seem like a much friendlier version of martial arts. Tai-chi is an ancient Chinese practice of slow and deliberate movements that aim to produce balance and relaxation. Its effects are not just great for the body but […]

What is Barefoot Running?

Two men jogging barefoot on the street

Barefoot running, as the name implies, is having a run without wearing any kind of footwear. Running without shoes has been prevalent since the days of our forefathers, and the people of the Tarahumara tribe in Mexico still practice this tradition until today. This kind of running was not popular until the later years of […]

What is CrossFit?

Muscular men in the gym

Exercise keeps your body in shape and in good physical condition. I’ve heard about one kind of intense exercise which is called CrossFit. CrossFit is a kind of exercise program which offers a full-body workout. It combines weight lifting, cardio, core training, and gymnastics among other kinds of exercises to prepare the body for various […]