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How to cut calories without missing them!

Healthy Sandwich

In addition to adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to my diet, I’ve also been looking for ways to reduce the calorie count without actually missing those calories!  Here are a few quick ways I’ve discovered: Salad dressing – I love creamy dressings; I can’t help it. But I have recently been mixing my own […]

Easy Workout Tips for Wearing Crop Tops This Summer

Model in blue cropped top and skirt

Enjoy your little relax time during the holiday season as the new fashion trends require having the perfect body which is something hard to achieve right after holidays! Well, we don’t mention this truth to panic you but the exact opposite here we present to you few super easy workout tips that will help you […]

Aerial Yoga Tips

Group performing aerial yoga in studio

The creator of aerial yoga is Christopher Harrison. He develops certain exercises, which make your body stronger and provide it with elasticity. Consider the following aerial yoga tips and find out whether you may include it in your workout plan or not. Yoga with Zero Gravity We can’t regard aerial yoga just a classic yoga […]