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Best Workout Plans to Get Fit in 2014

There are numerous ways of getting fit. You may follow a special diet plan or just create your workout routine. Have a look at the best workout plans to get fit in 2014.

1.    Dance Classes as One of the Best Workout Plans

To get fit in 2014, follow this workout plan. The famous trainer, Anna Kaiser, recommends going for dance-yoga-strengthening classes. This combination will tone your body and help you get fit quickly.

2.    Best Workout Plan: Out of the Studio

There are many people, who follow this workout plan. It is known as CrossFit. Since 2010, the number of women, participating in this workout, increased greatly. They carry out their fitness classes out of the studio. The crew has a special plan for 2014. In January, they are going to ice-skate and in February, they are organizing a competition. It is one of the best workout plans to get fit in 2014.

3.     Best Workout Plan: Wave Shape

Adam Rosante, who is a famous trainer, created this type of workout, called Wave Shape. It includes numerous surfing movements. The exercises are not only effective for body but they are very funny. You will get fit very quickly, as you will need 45 minutes to lose the great amount of your calories. Thus, go for the surfer-inspired motions to build your body.

4.     Best Workout Plan: Hot Yoga

Hot yoga has come to replace the Bikram yoga. The temperature of the room is 95-100 degrees and here the classes of yoga are carried out. This type of yoga is known in all over the world as Modo Yoga. You just have to spend 60 or 90 minutes on the class and the result will be noticed. Just do special yoga poses and movements and get fit in 2014.

5.    Best Workout Plan: Cycling Under Water

This type of workout is one of the best ones to get fit in 2014. This workout is a great innovation, as the bikes are in water. It is very beneficial, as you don’t have to press your joints too much. In 2014, a new program is going to be launched. This workout will combine riding (10 days), and body cleaning with foods.

6.    Best Workout Plan: Movements Based on Ballet

There are many online workouts, that you may follow at home. You may also purchase DVDs and carry out the workout. In 2014, a new program will be available for everyone. You will have to follow 8-week program in order to get fit. You may also be a winner and have dinner with Erin Andrews. During the classes, you should do movements special to ballet.

Thus, if you want to get fit in 2014, you may be inspired by the best workout plans, mentioned above.

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