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2014 Hairstyle Trends: 50 Looks to Get Inspired By

Create your trendy makeover for the coming season. Choose among the best 2014 hairstyle trends. To inspire you we will post 50 looks, worth trying for spring 2014.

1.  Siren waves are one of the 2014 hairstyle trends that may be your inspiration. It is especially great for those girls who are lack of time but still desire to look fantastic. To get this disheveled hair look, you should braid your wet hair before going to bed. It will also give your hair extra texture.

2.  The great hairstylist Errol Douglas MBE recommends wearing a soft wavy hairstyle for spring/summer 2014. To get this stylish look, you will not have to go for many products and curling tools. Just apply a straightening iron to make your hair curly. Your wavy hair will also look glowy.

3.  Get inspired by this 2014 hairstyle look and you will feel trendy and chic for the coming season. For this look, you should follow the specialists’ advice and hair-dry your tresses.

4.  This hairstyle is among the trendy hairstyles of 2014. Finger curl your tresses and it will look like you have a perfect twisted hairstyle.

5.  Waves are the trend of 2014, which may inspire you. To get a loose wavy hairstyle, you should divide your hair into two parts and plait them before going to bed. In the morning, your stunning look will be ready.

6.  Disheveled and messy hair is a great option for your trendy look for spring/summer 2014. This hairstyle will look fantastic in case you have ombre hair.

7.  To update your wavy hairstyle, you may middle section it and put behind each ear. In this way, you will feel a model touch. Your fresh and stylish look will be achieved.

8.  To provide your wavy hair with shine and make it look healthy, you should not forget applying conditioner and hairspray. They will both help you create your trendy look for 2014.

9.  Low ponytail is also among the trendy hairstyles of 2014. Make your hair sleek and adjust at the back of your head. To complete the look, apply hairspray. It will give your tresses shine.

10.  Low ponytail is a great option for the rainy weather or for the second-day hair. To make your hairstyle perfect, you may accessorize it with a chic hair band and correspond to the latest trend.

11.  Bob hairstyles are rocked on the runways of 2014. This season you may see various types of bobs, from straight to wavy, and from sleek to textured. Thus, they appear in different sizes and forms.

12.  Spring/summer 2014 trend requires wearing a cropped bang for an intrepid look. It may be one of the inspiring looks for 2014.

13.  Create a slick bob hairstyle and look stylish for the coming season. Wet bobs are quite easy to create. Just apply gel and hairspray and your chic look will be ready.

14.  Get inspired by Sam Rolinson’s chin length bob hairstyle. This look was talked much about at the fashion week 2014. She accessorized her screaming hairstyle with glamorous white glasses.

15.  Slick bob hairstyle will look even more amazing if you go for a sharp cut. To achieve this look for 2014, you should have your hair cut frequently.

16.  This look is among the inspiring ones for spring 2014. Cut your hair at the chin-length, blow-dry your wet hair and provide it with texture and movement.

17.  Stay away from wearing long tresses for 2014. Short hairstyles have come to make you look trendy. You may pull off either a pixie or a cropped hairstyle. Punk haircuts are also included in the latest trend.

18.  If you made up your mind to opt for a retro ‘do, then you had better pair your look with a blue eye shadow. It will make you look trendy and chic for spring/summer 2014.

19.  Those women, who are more inclined to extremely short hairstyles, may get inspired by this amazing look. Wearing no hair is the trend of 2014.

20.  Opt for an ideal pixie hairstyle and always remain in trend. The runway of 2014 may be your great inspiration.

21.  To get the long and slick locks of this season, you should just make your hair straight with a blow-dryer. Do not go for a straightening iron. For a glamorous look, middle-section your hair.

22.  Make your long tresses shiny and healthy, using a honey shampoo with a nourishing feature. Condition your locks apply healthy hair masks. Consider that only healthy hair may be a source of inspiration.

23.   Here is a great look from Christopher Kane’s fashion show to get inspired by. The blonde tresses help you look ideal and trendy for spring/summer 2014.

24.  As the hairstylist Errol Douglas MBE claims long hairstyles may provide you with femininity for 2014. This simple hairstyle with wavy ends may easily go with any face form and face color. You should only consider the importance of using hair masks and conditioner.

25.  Edie Campbell is considered our great inspiration for a trendy look 2014, due to her divine shag. Be brave and experiment with this hairstyle.   

26.  This season’s trend requires side sectioning your hair and bringing it to the right side. You may go for a slick and wet hairstyle for a bold look or you may opt for a loose variant for a subtle look.

27.  If you are not inclined to wear a slick hairstyle, you may experiment with another trendy look for spring/summer 2014. Create your pretty look just sweeping your hair to one side.

28.  Get inspired by one of the most splendid hairstyles for this season. This icy blonde hair tone looks thrilling at the Lanvin show of 2014.

29.  If you are tired of pulling off too long or too short hairstyles, cut your hair at the shoulder length. It is one of the easy maintaining looks for spring 2014. Less styling is its main advantage. Diane von Furstenberg’s fashion show may be your inspiration.

30.  Manage to control your disobedient tresses, applying anti-frizzing products. Look trendy and chic in spring/summer 2014.

31.  Make your creativity work for the coming season. Enlarge your hair accessories. Try floral headbands or wrap your hair with chic scarves. Highlight your second-day hair with a nice accessory.

32.  Modernize your low ponytail with middle sectioning and teaming it with a chic headband. A gorgeous hairstyle option for 2014.

33.  Go for a braided updo hairstyle, if you are preparing for a wedding or for any party, which is celebrated outside. Decorate your perfect hairstyle with nice flowers and your trendy look will be achieved for 2014.

34.  Here is another splendid look to get inspired by. Create a crown headband embellished with crowns and feel the instant change both in your mood and in your look.

35.  Auburn hair shade is again in trend this year. Wear it again and pair it with a side-sectioned half-up and half-down hairstyle.

36.  In spring/summer 2014 updo hairstyles come in a new and fresh form. Make them loose and relaxed. Create extra volume and leave some hair out to soften your features.

37.  If you are seeking for a trendy hairstyle, which will rejuvenate your look, you had better opt for a textured updo. To create this look for 2014, apply hairspray onto your damp hair and blow-dry it. It will help to get texture and soft waves at the crown.

38.  This inspiring look is worth trying for the coming season. Lift your hair roots and create the pulled back hairstyle.

39.   Play with your bang for the coming season. You may go for a splendid bowl cut and pair it with a full bang. Cropped hairstyle is also a great option. Long fringes are also trendy for 2014. You may section it and it will soften your features.

40.  Marc Jacobs cropped hairstyle will provide you with an exclusive and extraordinary look. This look may inspire you, if you are for experiments.

41.  Wear trendy bangs and make them go with your face form just by middle sectioning them.

42.  If your hair is too thick and much textured, then you had better experiment with a bowl cut hairstyle. You will get a surprising look for 2014.

43.  Everyone will be inspired by this braided hairstyle with flyaway. Sweep it to one side and look fantastic for spring/summer 2014.

44.  If your hair is a little greasy but you don’t want to wash it frequently, here is a great hairstyle option for you. Apply dry shampoo onto your hair roots, comb your hair back and braid it to one side.

45.  High hairstyles again dominate in 2014 trend. Don’t hesitate to try the quiff in a wavy form. Sweep it to one side and make it textured.

46.  Create your ultra glamorous look, going for a retro hairstyle. Wear a quiff hairstyle and make a curl fall from your exquisite hairstyle.

47.  Wet hairstyles are among those looks, which are inspiring for many women. For this trendy look, apply shine serum onto your tresses and slick your hair back.

48.  Create your rock ‘n’ roll style with the wet hairstyle. Pull your hair back, make it super slick and enjoy your trendy look for 2014.

49.  You may middle section your wet hairstyle and look perfect for spring/summer 2014.

50.  Wet hairstyles may look trendy for 2014, if you provide it with a little boost with high-quality products.

Thus, find your inspiration among this great variety of trendy hairstyles for spring/summer 2014.

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