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How to cut calories without missing them!

Healthy Sandwich

In addition to adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to my diet, I’ve also been looking for ways to reduce the calorie count without actually missing those calories!  Here are a few quick ways I’ve discovered:

  • Salad dressing – I love creamy dressings; I can’t help it. But I have recently been mixing my own and it has turned out wonderfully.  Instead of dousing my greens with ranch dressing (my favorite), I have been mixing it with taco sauce first.  My ratio tends to be 3 parts taco sauce to one part ranch.  I still end up with the creaminess factor, but with all of that flavor, I don’t miss the straight ranch.
  • Mexican food – Yet another dietary speed bump for me, Mexican food of all kinds. I can eat Mexican food three times a day every day and rarely get tired of it.  But we know that queso-drenched deep-fried burritos are not the way to watch your waistline.  I tend to modify tacos personally.  I substitute corn tortillas for the flour, remove cheese/sour cream, add guacamole, and choose the vegetarian filling.  One of my favorite chain places will actually do grilled Portobello mushrooms!  I know the guacamole is still rather high in fat, but it is heart-healthy fat and delicious.
  • Sandwiches – Most days I bring my lunch to work. It’s cheaper and I can control exactly what I eat.  Sandwiches are an easy option, but let’s not pile on the bologna and American cheese.  I try to fill mine with veggies first, a flavorful slice of cheese, and a tasty spread.  One of my favorite combinations starts with a sandwich thin, then I add roasted red peppers and fresh spinach, spread the bread with guacamole, and add a slice of pepper jack cheese.

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