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Easy Workout Tips for Wearing Crop Tops This Summer

Enjoy your little relax time during the holiday season as the new fashion trends require having the perfect body which is something hard to achieve right after holidays! Well, we don’t mention this truth to panic you but the exact opposite here we present to you few super easy workout tips that will help you to achieve the perfect silhouette and wear the trendy crop tops without worrying about showing off some skin! So, check out!

Thus, this new workout program is set to last about four weeks and consists of three sets that are required to be done three times a week.

First Week

First Exercise:

Lie on your knees using your hands to keep your body in the needed height from the floor. Now once you get in the needed position lift your knees an inch off the floor, try to hold for few seconds then go back to the first position. Repeat this activity every 2 seconds. Repeat this activity for about five times.

Second Exercise:

Lean on your back and bent your knees. Now have your hands behind, holding your head and make sure your legs are parallel to the floor. Now start by lifting your head and your shoulders off the ground and follow extending your left leg and rotating in a way to make your right elbow meet your left knee, hold for a second then go back to the starting position and repeat the same but this time turning to the other side. Repeat the whole process for about 8 more times.

Second Week

First Exercise:

Get into a pusher position and a hold up position. Now pull your right knee forward under your chest then extend it back and try to reach the outside of your right elbow with your right knee extend it back again and do the same but this time try to reach your left elbow. Repeat the whole process four times for each side.

Second Exercise:

Lie on your stomach having your arms extended straight out, facing each other. Now, lift your arms, torso and legs slightly off the ground, hold for a second and start slowly pulling your hands to your shoulders. Once you’ve done that try to slowly go back to the beginning position. Repeat the process 12 times.

Third Week

First Exercise:

Get into the plank position having your wrists to the point right under your shoulders. Now extend your legs a little bit and start rotating your shoulders and torso left and right while keeping your arms straight. Also while doing this try to reach the floor with your hips. Once you turn both sides right and left, repeat the same process ten more times.

Second Exercise:

Lean on your back having your toes pointed and your arms overhead. Now hold your hands crossed together and try to slowly raise your shoulders and your legs off the ground while keeping your lower back on the ground. Hold for 10 seconds and get back to the first position. Repeat five times.

Fourth Week

First Exercise:

Start with a side plank position and slowly lift up your top arm and left leg while trying to maintain your body position. Once you do that simply lower your arms and your legs and the follow repeating the same process for eight more times on each side.

Second Exercise:

Start by standing with your feet hip width apart and bringing a ball or a simple small towel directly over the head keeping your arms straight. Now keeping your chest up step forward and lower to a lunge bringing the towel down outside your right tight and make sure you have 90 degrees angles on both knees. Now bring the towel back up and repeat the same on the other side. Do the same on each side from eight to twelve times on total.

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