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Pros and Cons of a High-Protein Diet

Assorted food on display, including milk, white eggs, bread, fruits and vegetables

Going on a high-protein diet is one popular way to lose weight fast. This can or cannot be coupled with exercise, but before you start changing your meal plans to accommodate more protein than carbohydrates, I’ve listed down some pros and cons to help you decide if this is the way you want to lose […]

Cauliflower Mock Mashed Potatoes Recipe

  Think about everything you love about mashed potatoes: the texture, the creaminess, and the salty-sweet flavor. Now think about why you do avoid mashed potatoes: the calories and the carbs! I love mashed potatoes, but the calories and carbs that it contains is a real deal breaker for us and I’m sure those carbs […]

Fruits and Vegetables You Should Definitely Buy Organic

As we all know organic food is always considered more preferable due to its natural benefits. However, there are some ingredients that you have to pay specific attention to and make sure you buy them from organic food store if you are planning to successfully finish a weight-loss program! Thus, to achieve the desired results […]

SuperFoods to Try To Prevent Cancer and Diseases

Interested in natural remedies that are considered the best for their abilities to prevent human body from cancer and other diseases? Well, follow reading below and get informed about something that will change your life! Amaranth: The Famous Cancer Destroyer Being rich in components such as essential amino acid (which is well-known for the ability […]

Simple and Tasty Breakfasts for Busy Women

Simple and tasty breakfasts don’t mean that you should eat cereal, as it is packed with sugar, which is bad for bloating. Make your breakfast colorful and thrilling. Busy women may get inspired by these simple and tasty breakfasts. 1.  Eat Oats Your breakfast is considered simple, if you don’t spend time on it in […]