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Worst Foods Ever In America

Greasy American breakfast

Going for a tasty dish doesn’t always mean making the right choice as there is a common mistake that most of us tend to make, and that is forgetting about the harmful effects that the latter might have! Thus, considering that, we decided to present our list of the worst foods in America in order to focus your attention on foods that you need to avoid! So, check out!

Worst Foods Ever In America

High Calorie Sandwiches

Sandwiches made with ingredients such as white bread, pecans, cream and sugars are a disaster as the only good thing about them is the taste! In fact as experts claim the latter consists of about 2,500 calories which means that eating sandwich made of the mentioned ingredients means risking to gain weight.

Chicago Style Pizza

Well it is not surprising that Chicago pizza is on the list of the worst foods in America as the latter contains as much calories as one needs for the entire day!

Cheese Fries

Yes, we know that they are delicious but before you give up and go for a plate, make sure you take account of the fact that cheese fries come with a pack of 2,000 calories, 203 g fats, with 25 g saturated fats.

Pizza Burger

Eating a pizza burger not only assumes providing to your body about 2,300 calories but also risking to harm your health by providing to it 3,780 mg sodium, along with 144 g fats, with 59 g saturated fats and a huge 3,5 g trans fats.

Macaroni and Meatballs

Sometimes it is hard to resist the alluring thought of having a pasta dish but we have to inform you that it also assumes providing to your body 5,290 mg sodium, 128 grams of fat among with 2,400 calories.

BBQ Ribs and Fries

With a pack of 2,330 calories, 123 g fats and 45 g of saturated fat one thing is sure, this dish is not worth it!

Texan Style Stake

Well, they say everything is big in Texas and who doubts it after finding out that only Texan stake contains about 5,700 calories and 480 grams of fat. Still craving one?

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