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5 Delicious Morning Meals That Are Also Healthy

To the question “What do you have for your breakfast?” some may answer bread, butter and jam, some may say corn flakes with milk, some- fried eggs, and some will say they don’t have breakfast.

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and it is advised by the doctors to have it. Skipping breakfast brings overeating during other meals during the day. It gives you energy and a good start for the day.

 It is more enjoyable when breakfast has good flavor. Along with flavor it should have some vitamins such as proteins. It should be satisfying though you may have less time to make.

So here are some small but healthy meal ideas for you to make breakfast faster if you don’t have enough time to cook and even you can make them ahead.

If you love eggs, you can just boil them in the water or fry them in a pan first covering the pan with little oil, and adding spinach, some salt and black paper with the eggs. Eggs have chromium and B vitamin. And they are very satisfying.

Blueberry banana shake-Blueberry and banana make a perfect flavor combination. Bananas are sweeter when they are frozen and dark. So if you have a banana in this shape hurry to put it in blender along with frozen blueberries, yogurt, stevia, milk, a bit vanilla powder and ice cubes. Blend all together and you will have your yummy breakfast.

Oatmeal is found in different flavor packets. It contains lower cholesterol. Add in your oatmeal bowl milk, a little honey, dried fruit and nuts.

Greek yogurt is fast and easy. You can add to it some blueberries and honey, or just some other fruit.

Another source of protein is almond or peanut butter. People who don’t like dairy can enjoy their breakfast with this delicious protein rich almond or peanut butter, spreading it on the bread with or without some jam.

Have a good appetite!

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