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5 Best Eyewear Trends for 2014

Just like all other accessories eyewear also changes with size, shape and frame.

How do the latest sunglasses and optical eye wears look like? If you are going to buy one and there is confusion which one to choose, here is some help for 2014 eyewear trends.

If you have sunglasses from back 1970s, it is time to get them back to daily use.

This is going to be a hot summer with colorful flower printed frames. If you are found of flowers than you can get some flower framed sunglasses on, and if not you are still lucky to choose some earthy colors like earthy green and vibrant pink which are also popular this summer.

Ocean blue is also popular this year. It gives you look of the ocean. You can also feel of the ocean.

For more courageous and unique there is a trend for two-colored eyewear frames. The two colors are to be fitted one on each half of the frame, or the upper part can be of one and the bottom part of some other color. It can also be blended with earpieces.

Eyewear with neutral colored frame and with extra big size is going to give you an intelligent look. Black and white frames are still a big trend.

Another is ‘Harry Potter’ option. Small round frame goggles are there this summer. Opt for it if you think it makes you look smart.

There is a new trend for 2014’s summer; thick half framed eyewear with round lens and the lens are not framed from the bottom. This trend is more fashionable for optical eyewear. And bright colors are making them unique for the last few years. And it is surprising as people tried to hide their optical eyewear with getting them smaller and colorless but recently its frames became big, bright colored and fashionable and they change just like sunglasses do.

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