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Foods High in Vitamin D

If you live in a country, where the sun is always shining or at least you see the sun for some part of the year, you may have enough vitamin D production, so nothing to worry about. But if you try to avoid sunrays, or just geographically live in place, where there is lack of sun, so these foods high in Vitamin D will help you to get enough amount of it. Vitamin D is really essential as it boosts you immune system. It is also important for bone development. So as you see, you can’t do without Vitamin D. Agree? Then discover the top foods high in Vitamin D.


If you love fish, and the types of it, you are really lucky as it is a brilliant source of Vitamin D. Herring, salmon and tuna top the list of the types of fishes that contain Vitamin D. Eating fish much may not be boring, as it can be made in different ways, so you may eat, get Vitamin D and at the same time enjoy the excellent dishes.

Fortified Cereals

You may be surprised, but your favorite fortified cereals also contain high amount of Vitamin D. The only thing that you should be attentive about is to choose fortified cereals, which contain less sugar. That would be more effective.


Oysters are great as they are an excellent source of vital minerals, such as zinc and selenium. And without any doubt, oysters are really high in Vitamin D.

Fortified Milk

All we know that whole milk contains more vitamins than skim milk, but as it is fortified you will get Vitamin D, which is even important, as it is rare and not every product may provide you with it.


So delicious, red and black caviar is full of Vitamin D, every dish combined with caviar will give you sufficient amount of Vitamin D for your health. So, don’t skip using it!

Shiitake Mushrooms

In general, mushrooms contain Vitamin D, but this one is really high in it. And just imagine how abundant it may be if being dried in the sun!


Eggs that many of us eat every day are full of many high level vitamins and proteins. What concerns to free-range eggs, they are great source of Vitamin D as well.


Pork, which is the main means of making many famous dishes, contains Vitamin D. Ribs as well contain vitamin D. However, it is higher in ribs than in ham packs.

Ricotta Cheese

As you may have already noticed, dairy products lack Vitamin D, but ricotta cheese is like an exception. Of course, if it will be fortified, the amount of Vitamin D will be much higher.

Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is a perfect choice when you want to get Vitamin D. It also contains vitamin A; you just need to use it in a right way and in right proportions.

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