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Voguish Short Hairstyles for Summer

Short hairstyles are especially best in summer, when you do everything to get rid of your long hair and not to sweat out. Besides, you will surely have a stylish look while experimenting with short hairstyles. Here are some voguish short hairstyles for summer.

Pixie Hairstyles

Pixie is one of the most recommendable short hairstyles for summer. Even one of the celebrities, Anne Hathaway experimented with a pixie hairstyle. You will surely look stylish and gorgeous in this fantastic haircut. Besides, it will give you the desired coolness.

Bob Hairstyles

Each woman is recommended cutting a splendid bob. It will be very suitable for summer. If you are still for long hair, create a bob, as you will not have to cut your hair too short.

Girly Mohawk Hairstyles

Girly Mohawk is one of the short hairstyles that will flatter only some people. In case you have short and at the same time thin hair, experiment with this new hairstyle. You will be able to change your old look and have a fresh and stylish hairstyle. Besides, you may choose among different shapes, depending on your personal taste.

Gamine Hairstyles

If you look for a sexy and stylish short hairstyle for summer, go on with this boyish haircut. Even Alyssa Milano and Charlize Theron appeared in this short and eye-catching hairstyle. Gamine style will perfectly go with nice earrings. You may even use bobby pins and headbands.

Cropped Hairstyles

Cropped hairstyle is recommendable for everybody. In some way it resembles pixie and bob. But there is surely a difference. Cropped hairstyle is a little longer than the pixie and a bit shorter than the bob. This short hairstyle will provide you a fantastic summer look.

Undercut Hairstyles

Undercut is considered one of the best short hairstyles for summer. This hairstyle is ideal for those who want to make their hair short and have a chic look. You may have undercut hair either at the back or on one side, leaving the top longer. The choice greatly depends on your personal taste.

Reverse Mullet Hairstyles

Reverse mullet is one of the favorite short hairstyles for women. Besides, it is very suitable for summer. It’s quite easy to create. You just have to leave the front part of your hair longer and cut more at the back. Mostly, the difference of the length remains unnoticed.

Thus, be brave and opt for a new short hairstyle for summer. You will certainly be in fashion.

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