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Stylish DIY Boots for Women

DIY fashion provides endless ideas for always standing out in the crowd. Here you are provided with several chic DIY boots for women that will make your cold season styling even more smashing. In this list, each woman may easily find nice boots suiting her taste, no matter whether you are for boho or classic style.

DIY Floral Boots

You can enjoy a pair of floral boots made from fabric. You may get amazed at the nice cuts and the sticking fabric. Though these boots are warm, they are not suitable for rainy weather. To make floral boots, you’ll need a pair of simple, plain boots, a floral fabric of your choice and Mod Podge. The steps of making such shoes are very simple: you just have to glue the fabric to the places you want and then cut off the fabric excesses! The only minus of such boots is that you can’t wear them in the rain, since the floral fabric may get dirty.

DIY Duct Tape Boots

You may style boots with animal prints. They are very stylish and eye-catching. You can use a duct tape to create these types of boots. Consider that your boots should be comfortable and flat.

DIY Glittering Boots

If you want to draw everybody’s attention to your feet, then wear glitter boots. They are very chic and trendy. Consider that these boots are not suitable for rainy or snowy weather, though they are warm. In order to make an exact copy of these boots, you will need glitter and acrylic glue. For a final look you should use a paint brush and spray.

DIY Knitted Boots

One of the chicest pair of DIY boots that instantly stands out is knitted boots. They are both comfortable and warm. In order to make such boots, pumps are needed. Create holes on the pumps and begin knitting.

DIY Bow Boots

If you want to change your simple rain boots into something chic and trendy, then you should add bow or grommets to them. Thus, you will get completely new and stylish boots.

DIY Boho Belted Boots

If you imagine yourself in a boho style, then these DIY boho belted boots are just for you. Add belts to your boots, lace, floral printed belts and be in style.

DIY Studded Boots

Apply various types of studs onto your boots and get completely new designs. In this case you are provided with a great choice. Thus, you will be able to have quite different types of boots.

DIY Painted Boots

You may either add bows to your rain boots or decorate them using a paint. Painted boots will look fantastic on your feet.

DIY Upcycled Sweater Boots

To create these fantastic boots you will just need sweater sleeves. They will help you to have new and stylish pair of boots.

Have you already made up your mind what kind of DIY boots to create? Chose your favorite type of boots and enjoy your new look.

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