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15 Cute DIY Headband Tutorials

Model with cute DIY headband

Accessories decorate your beautiful locks and make them even more astounding. Here are the following cute DIY headband tutorials. You should include these headbands among your accessories. These headband tutorials are effortless and it will take you several minutes to create them. Just go for these easy steps. In case you have too long hair, […]

DIY Polka-Dotted Umbrellas for Super-Cute Rainy Days

Woman with colorful polka-dotted umbrella

You remember Minnie Mouse’ s red polka-dotted dress, don’t you? Or Frank Sinatra’s song Polka Dots And Moonbeams? Marilyn Monroe herself was a big polka-dots fan! Lucy from “I Love Lucy” wore a blue polka-dotted dress! In 1960s Marvel Comics even created a Polka-Dot man next to Spider-Man and Batman. See how far back in […]

8 Cute DIY Headband Tutorials

Woman's hair with headband

With the new trend of cute headbands becoming more and more popular it becomes necessary to inform you about some easy ways to make new, fancy DYI headbands that will perfectly embellish your daily look! Thus, take a look and get inspired! Double Strand Headband Tutorial One of the easiest ways to get the perfect […]

DIY Sunglasses Tutorials

Nearly all girls and women, who are taken tamed by fashion, dream about having things that would be unique and unrepeatable! So girls, get prepared, we are going to offer you DIY sunglasses tutorials, which will make you look awesome and original every time you wear your sunnies! DIY D&G Inspired Sunglasses If you can’t […]

Stylish DIY Boots for Women

DIY fashion provides endless ideas for always standing out in the crowd. Here you are provided with several chic DIY boots for women that will make your cold season styling even more smashing. In this list, each woman may easily find nice boots suiting her taste, no matter whether you are for boho or classic […]