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DIY Sunglasses Tutorials

Nearly all girls and women, who are taken tamed by fashion, dream about having things that would be unique and unrepeatable! So girls, get prepared, we are going to offer you DIY sunglasses tutorials, which will make you look awesome and original every time you wear your sunnies!

DIY D&G Inspired Sunglasses

If you can’t afford D&G sunglasses, that’s not a worry! You may get inspired by their idea and create your own pair of designer sunnies, that would be really amazing! All that you need is a pair of ordinary sunglasses, tiny decorative flowers, and a super glue. Look through the tutorial and see how it is done!


DIY Polka Dotted Sunglasses

They look really elegant, don’t you agree? You may also have them; they are very easy to create! You just need to dab a toothpick into a white paint, then decorate the frames of sunglasses with dots. Super easy with a chic result!
DIY Pearl Sunglasses
Have you seen Rihanna wearing pearly sunglasses? Don’t miss the chance to have such sunglasses, they are really amazing! You just need sunglasses and pearls, but see how gorgeous they look! Simply stick the pearls to your sunnies the way you want, either half way, decorating some part of your sunnies or all the way around the frames!


DIY Studded Sunglasses

Yes, studded things line goes on and gets to sunglasses! They are so trendy that we couldn’t miss it out! So you just need studs, sunglasses and super glue to create these fashionable DIY sunglasses! You have to stick the studs to your sunnies the same way as with the pearly sunglasses and you are done!


DIY Juicy Couture Inspired Sunglasses

Juicy couture is an irresistible fascination for many fashionistas. So, getting inspired from their eyewear versions would have a stunning result. Here you will need sunnies in retro style, mint nail polish and acetone. And how to use all these things? Simply paint the frame of your sunnies using your nail polish hue and that’s it!


DIY Hand Painted Sunglasses

The last tutorial brings the most stylish pair of DIY sunglasses! You will not only do it yourself, you will also paint it yourself. You need sunglasses and imagination that will help you to paint the frames! See one example done in the tutorial.

It’s so amazing to have such stunning and original sunglasses done at home by yourself. Sunny days leave us, so hurry up to use one of these tutorials to create DIY sunglasses.



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