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Makeup Tips for Round Faces

Some of the Hollywood starlets have round faces, including Kate Winslet, Jennifer Aniston and Geena Davis. The starlets are getting a chance to always look astonishingly beautiful. If you have a round face then you have wide cheeks, rounded chin and not well-defined facial lines. This is why the contours and highlights are really important for this face shape. In addition, the width of the face should be somewhat narrowed. The slimming effect will be featured using darker shades of makeup products. Check out some essential makeup tips for round faces that will help you easily slim down your facial features!

Makeup for Round Faces: Darker Foundation

The visual magic of having a thinner face can be achieved when using darker foundation. There’s no need to apply it all over the face, but instead you can use it close to the cheekbones and chin. This will help you create the desired contour lines, which are missing on the face. Just make sure that it perfectly flows into the main foundation color.

Makeup for Round Faces: Lots of Blush

Plenty of blush will help you make your face longer. The blush should not be applied in the round form; this will only make your face even wider. Instead, it should be applied with a horizontal line starting with cheekbones and stretching to the upper part.  The color of the blush should also be darker. If you don’t like dark brown shades, you can go for a brownish pink blush, which looks really great with lighter skin color.

Makeup for Round Faces: Emphasized Lips

With round faces, lips not only require brighter lipstick but also a lip liner. The thick line will help you emphasize the contour. But to make the look natural you can add some gloss over the lipstick. The color of it depends on the personal preferences, but darker shades, such as plum, brown sound great, though intense pink will be juicy alternative. Sounds really Reese Whitherspoon, doesn’t it?

Makeup for Round Faces: Emphasized Eyes

Eyeliner is a must-have product for round face. And it’s not just a thin line, but instead a full, dark, wide line. Smokey eyes will also be great for a round face shape, though here you should make sure to have lighter color shadow around the inner part of the eyes.

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