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Makeup Tips for a Job Interview

Job interviews are all about first impression. When you compete with people, who have almost the same potentials as you do, the impression you’ll make is going to be the main attribute. In fact, the way you look plays an important role as well, especially when it comes to your makeup style. Thus, if you are interested to find out some tricks that will make you look pretty but not overwhelming, check out these makeup tips for a job interview and get some helpful ideas!

Makeup for a Job Interview: Soft Shades

One of the best ways for a job interview makeup is the one of using softer shades. Thus, avoid distracting, dark tones such as grey, black, purple, etc and opt for lighter ones such as beige, soft pink and light brown. Do the same when it comes to lipstick and blush shades to create a nice, natural look.

Makeup for a Job Interview: Less is More

A secret key for a successful job interview makeup is the following: generally use less of every makeup product. Use as much as needed in order not to look pale. Add a touch of color, but try to not go for an eye-catching look.

Makeup for a Job Interview: Ditch Bronzer

Use a regular foundation powder instead of bronzer, as bronzer creates a dramatic look, which is not what you need for a job interview makeup. Of course, if you are used to bronzer you may think you look weird without it, but don’t worry because it’s the best way to go all-natural.

Makeup for a Job Interview: Softer Lips

Another thing that you have to pay attention to is the color of your lipstick. In this case we recommend you using a softer lip color. You can go for soft shades such as peach, mauve, soft pink, rose or plum or you can leave the lipstick aside and add just a little gloss to your natural lip color.

Makeup for a Job Interview: Say No to Glitter and Shimmer

Ditch all your bronzers, blushes and eyeshadows that have shimmer! When you are in a job interview, glittering makeup can be really distractive and make everyone not pay attention to what you say but to how you look. And this is so not what you want.

Makeup for a Job Interview: Oily is Bad!

Looking oily and shiny is definitely not what you want, when you are on a job interview, so to avoid such situation use the right foundation and powder. You can also use oil blotting sheets if needed.

Makeup for a Job Interview: Good Mascara

Another important makeup tip for job interviews is to use a high quality mascara to avoid smudging, creasing on eyelids. Find the one that stays on very well for a long time and keep looking good even after hours!

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