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Makeup Tips for Oval Faces

Oval face is just a great shape. There are a lot of advantages for this face shape that need to be emphasized with the help of makeup. Since there’s almost nothing to hide within this shape, the accents are needed. Considering not only your facial shape, but also hair color, skin tone and eye color, determine the best makeup for you. Just go through a few makeup tips for oval faces, which seem to be fine with different options of the abovementioned features.

Makeup for Oval Faces: Natural Eyebrows

This face shape requires having natural eyebrows. The flat and too sharp shapes make eyebrows really unnatural and fake-looking. There’s no difference whether those will be thin or thick brows, just the natural arch should be kept. You can go creative within the width of it. Just remember Jessica Alba, who changes her eyebrow style every once in a while, but those always look amazingly beautiful.

Makeup for Oval Faces: Emphasized Eyes

When emphasizing eyes, smokey eye makeup will serve as the best tool. You can play with different eyeshadows and find the one that fits you the best. For a more intense look, you can also wear eyeliner. These highlights can be ideally completed when applying a few layers of mascara.

Makeup for Oval Faces: Emphasized Lips

Remember to emphasize lips only if you have natural makeup for your eyes. The combination of bright eyes and lips looks rather vulgar and unpleasant. But there’s no need to avoid lipstick with smokey eyes, the color of the lipstick can be either coral or something closer to your natural lip color. When having boldly lined eyes, you can wear red lipstick. This color looks great with all skin colors, just make sure to pick the one that fits you.

Makeup for Oval Faces: Foundation and a Little of Blush

The color of the foundation should be applicable to the tone of the natural skin. Since there’s nothing to make visually shorter or longer, there’s no need to play with its color. The only exception should be in cases of skin problems that need to be covered up. As for the blush, do not overdo with it. Oval shape assumes already emphasized cheekbones. Apply small amount of it to the area under the cheekbones.

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