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Makeup Tips to Brighten Up Eyes

Every girl wants to catch attention with her amazing eye view. But to make the effect long-lasting and to highlight the eyes you should be familiar with the tips of eye makeup. There’s an easy way of making the eyes look wider and to highlight their depth. Using these makeup tips to brighten up eyes you will be able to get that charming and fascinating eye-look.

Eyeshadow Makeup Trick

Making the eyes look wider can be achieved using lighter color eyeshadow for the inner part of the eyes. You can use the typical color eyeshadow or go for white/ bronze options. When combined with a darker shade on the outer part, an illusion of bigger eyes can be created. Just make sure that the types of the eyeshadows match each other, since using chalk eyeshadow for the darker shade and shiny cream for the inner part can create optical gap and “split” the eye into two parts. The lower lid should be covered only half way through with the lighter color eyeshadow, there’s no need of applying darker shade to this part.

Eyeliner Makeup Trick

Once done with eyeshadow you can go on with eyeliner for the upper lid. The eyeliner should be applied as close to the lash line as possible. This way there will be no undesired gaps. The line created should not be too wide to cover the entire lid, go for a medium width line. The black eyeliner is the best option, though using colorful liners is also not prohibited.  For the lower lid you can apply additional line with white eyeliner to make the lower lid visually bigger. Do start with the half way where you finished with the white color eyeshadow.

Mascara Makeup Trick

And yes, as you already guessed, the style requires lots of mascara. If you don’t have long lashes, then you can always glue a pair of faux eyelashes. But if you don’t want the process to be that long, you can use volume-adding mascara. The lashes should be individually worked on. Try not to get them glued together with mascara. You can use special brushes for lashes and comb them after applying each layer of mascara. It’s advised not to have more than three layers; otherwise the lashes will bend downwards from the mascara weight.

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