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Designer Bags Inspired DIY Fashion Tips

If you look for a perfect present for somebody very dear to you, go for designer bags inspired DIY fashion tips. This way, you can also obtain an it-bag without spending an entire fortune on it. If you have always dreamed to have a Chanel bag, a Mulberry or Marni one, follow our designer bags inspired DIY fashion tip and design one for you on your own!


DIY Mulberry Rhinestone Purse Tutorial

It’s quite easy and quick to create this DIY designer bag. You just need to have a bag resembling a Mulberry design. Then you should stick rhinestones and in a few hours your new and modern bag will be ready.


DIY Christopher Kane Jelly Clutch Tutorial

Christopher Kane Jelly clutch is worth mentioning here. You may get amazed at its eccentric and odd design. A little glitter will make your bag eye-catching and eye pleasing.


DIY Stella McCartney Falabella Bag Tutorial

This DIY designer bag is strongly recommended to moms. It resembles a cake and it’s quite easy to create. Nobody can be indifferent to these bags.


DIY Chanel Frosted Bag Tutorial

Does it seem incredible to turn your old bag into a frosted one? Its unique design may tempt everyone. If you dare to have this DIY Chanel clutch, then you will surely allure everybody.


DIY Marni Hairy Purse Tutorial

To create a Marni inspired hairy purse, you will not have to spend much time and money. It’s quite easy to make this crazy accessory. So, why not to make it during your free time?


DIY Valentino Rosette Clutch Tutorial

Do you want to have a glamorous look? This Valentino design will come to help you. Create your own Valentino inspired Rosette clutch and make all heads turn to you.


DIY Betsey Johnson Tote Tutorial

One of the best designer bags inspired DIY fashion tips is the tutorial for creating the tote by Betsey Johnson. In this case you will need a duct tape and stapler. Surely, everyone will like it.
Have you already made up your mind to create DIY designer bags? Stick to our tips and have a glam look!



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