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DIY Polka-Dotted Umbrellas for Super-Cute Rainy Days

You remember Minnie Mouse’ s red polka-dotted dress, don’t you? Or Frank Sinatra’s song Polka Dots And Moonbeams? Marilyn Monroe herself was a big polka-dots fan! Lucy from “I Love Lucy” wore a blue polka-dotted dress! In 1960s Marvel Comics even created a Polka-Dot man next to Spider-Man and Batman. See how far back in history the polka-dots go?
Although polka-dots were already in use in the 1920s, today this unique pattern can still be seen everywhere: on clothing items (on pants, dresses, hats, sweaters, even shoes!), on dinnerware, pieces of furniture, curtains, etc.

Now don’t tell us you don’t think polka-dots are awesome, because they ARE! They just make us happy and boost our mood. How about making your gloomy, rainy days brighter with polka-dotted umbrellas? Of course, you could go to the nearest mall to buy one for yourself (or just order it online with one click of a mouse). But where is the fun in that? We are going to make a polka-dotted umbrella ourselves!

Things we are going to need are the following: an umbrella (obviously), craft paint for fabric, paper tape (preferably of a darker color), paint brush, wax paper, circle cutter. Start of by taping a little piece of paper tape on the wax paper. Cut a hole on the paper tape, peel it off and smooth down on the umbrella. Paint the stencil choosing the craft paint of your choice. Leave the tape for a while, and peel the tape off only when you are 100% sure the paint has completely dried. Choose different colors and different sizes if you want and your polka-dotted umbrella is ready. If you feel that the umbrella is somewhat unfinished and there is still something missing, you can dram some simple patterns and shapes using the paint brush.
Positive mood guaranteed! Even on a rainy day.

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