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Cozy and Cool Ideas for Wearing Fur Hats

Fluffy, big and pretty fur hats always become a hot tendency once a year, as soon as winter arrives and they become the best and most comfortable accessories for protecting you against winter frosts. We have all tried to avoid wearing those hats, when our moms were obliging us to, however, only getting older you start to appreciate the charm and the trendiness of these accessories. Now, almost any fashionista is looking forward to the winter months to finally be able to rock her fur hat. Fur hats are stylish, warm and just personality filled! We bring here some lovely ideas for wearing fur hats in winter for maximum chic and comfy looks!

Fur is definitely one of the most timeless materials in fashion that never loses its actuality. If wearing it to a maximum degree (like a big fur coat) seems a bit frightening to you, try going for small fur accessories, like fur hats! Fur hats look incredible in combination with any outerwear, be it a coat, a leather jacket, a parka or even a fur coat itself! When it comes to the footwear and the handbags styles, just don’t focus on a particular shape or shade: remember, fur hats are simply the final touches to your outfit. So start building your outfit first and the put on your hat!

Fur hats look incredible especially when you leave your hair loose (that may be straight hair or luxe locks). Stuffing your hair into the hat is also a good idea! In case you have medium or short hair, the solution is the easiest, since your big fur hat becomes your wig here, covering your hair fully.
What to wear fur hats with? With absolutely anything! Take a peek at these photos and find your dose of inspiration!

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