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You Can Leave Your Hat On! Fedora Hats as A Fashion Statement

Originally designed as a masculine piece of accessory, a headwear that most men used to wear in the 19th century, fedora hats have turned to versatile head accessories for modern cosmopolitan women too, who strive to make a strong fashion statement and update their style with a creative, retro-romantic vibe. If in the last centuries fedoras were strongly associated with gangsters, in the modern world, they are the best accessories to inject a bit of bohemian, romantic touch to a woman’s overall appearance. Available in a myriad of colors and sizes, they tend to flatter women of different personalities, facial features and personal styles. We have gathered here some cool images reflecting ways of wearing fedora hats on the daily basis. Take a peek and get inspired for you ultimate chic looks all the year round!

The creator of hats might have been a real genius, since hats are certainly one of the most charming and versatile fashion accessories both women and men can opt for. Besides protecting your head from the cold the sweltering sunrays, hats also are small details that make a whole lot of difference in their wearer’s look. Fedora hats are perhaps one of the most iconic styles of headwear that don’t ask gender and that look chic any time of the year. Wear a boho style dress with some flat suede boots, for instance, and finish off your look with a simple fedora and you are ready to win the hearts of the people surrounding you!

Considering your outfit style and shades while picking the best fedora for you is definitely important. You can go for neutral fedora hats in gray, brown, black or some other darker shades, as well as try bolder, more eye-catching solutions, such as a hat in red, mustard or any other bright shade. To this end, it’s always advised to keep your outfit neutral, if you are going to wear a bright accessory, be it a hat, shoes or a bag.
Surely, the best inspiration is provided by famous celebs, models and fashion bloggers, who seem to never make fashion mistakes. Browse through these creative ideas of wearing fedora hats and make sure to include this fashion accessory in your wardrobe!

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