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Trendy Selfie: When Celebs Have Something In Common With Us

The term “selfie” is considerably new, although people took selfies many years ago. If you’re following celebrities, let’s say, on Instagram, you are sure to meet with a selfie every time you scroll down your feed. For some reason, today, taking selfies is one of the most favorite activities of celebs. This way, they share a part of their day (and their look) with the world.
We believe that every woman or a girl has tried to take a selfie at least once in her lifetime. The things is, sometimes we feel that the selfies we take are not good enough. The joke about selfies which says, “I took 10 selfies today, deleted 11” is getting old. Follow our tips and techniques for good “selfie-taking” and maybe you won’t even need to delete a single one of them.

If you want to look perfect in your selfies, you got to prepare beforehand. But preparing does not mean putting on heavy evening makeup because people will get the idea you went to extreme lengths and tried too hard for the sake of selfie. Look at Miley Cyrus or Kim Kardashian. It must be all-natural. Don’t use anything too bright. Work in neutral colors. For eye shadow, you can use Laura Mercier’s Coffee Ground.

To make your eyes expressive, take a liquid liner, and draw a thin line along your upper eyelid’s lash line. To keep your lips from appearing too pale, try giving them some color with Revlon’s Just Bitten lip crayons. To tone your cheeks, use a concealer of a little darker shade than your skin color. To highlight your cheekbones and get the selfie-look of Beyonce, use Tom Ford’s Shade and Illuminate palette.
Makeup is important in selfie taking process. But well-defined eyebrows are even more important, however strange it may sound. In order for your eyebrows to become more impressive, fill them with a shade same color as the eyebrows. Brush any hairs that poke out into place using a little brow gel to keep the shape.

Important factor in taking a selfie is the presence of light. Choose a well-lit place. The sun or the light source must always be in front of you. Also, check your background. You don’t want people to see how messy your bedroom is.
If you followed all the tips mentioned above, we think you’re ready to take a selfie. One, two, tree, click! Don’t expect to have a perfect selfie first time you try it. Choose a different angle, different background and try again. We are sure you’ll soon get a selfie you’d love to share with the world.

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