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15 Cute DIY Headband Tutorials

Accessories decorate your beautiful locks and make them even more astounding. Here are the following cute DIY headband tutorials. You should include these headbands among your accessories. These headband tutorials are effortless and it will take you several minutes to create them. Just go for these easy steps.

In case you have too long hair, you may wear a cute headband and it will be a great help for your stunning look. In case of messy hair, a nice headband will be a great solution. Have a look at these cute DIY headband tutorials and choose the best suiting for your hair.

1.  Cute DIY Jewelry Headband Tutorial

Jewelry headbands are always trendy. There are many celebrities, who wear this hair accessory and create their amazing look on the red carpet. It’s not difficult to create this type of headband. To make it, you should take either a necklace or a chain, having 14-17 length. Wrap it around your head to find the right length. Then take a lighter and burn the ends of the elastic. Put together the ends of the elastic and the necklace and tie them, using a needle and a thread. Finally, put it on and look cute.

2.  Cute DIY Ruffled Headband Tutorial

This headband tutorial shows how to prepare this cute DIY fabric headband. You will need the following materials: scissors, needle and thread, ribbon and fabric. For this cute headband, make small squares from the fabric. Put several squares together and after folding them, cut the three corners. After opening, the pieces will become round. Take one of the pieces and make a bud. Then roll the second one. Next, take a ribbon and sew the bud to it. Be attentive to sew the two layers. After attaching this bud, do the same thing with the rest of the buds, taking the same direction. In this way, you will get a cute headband with ruffles.

3.  Cute DIY Scrap Leather Headband Tutorial

Change your dull headbands into something extraordinary and amazing. Take leather and cut it into pieces. Consider that they should have the same shape. Use a glue gun to clip the edges from the bottom part, without touching the corners. Then put the petals on the headband and glue them. Arrange the leather petals taking the bottom to top direction. Then, begin working on the back part of the headband. Finally, add a button in a vintage style to your leather headband and enjoy your splendid look.

4.  Tutorial of Cute DIY Headband with Kitty Ears

How lovely you will look if you wear a nice headband with kitty ears. To get it, do the following. Take fabric and pipe cleaners and make them of equal shapes. Apply thread and needle to sew them together. Finally, take the headband and roll the sewed pipe cleaners around it. Quite simple and attractive!

5.  Cute DIY Pom-Pom Headband Tutorial

For this tricky headband, use a Clover Pom Maker and a headband. Take a long yarn and roll it around the Clover Pom Maker. After closing this tool, cut it and tie a long yarn from the center. Get several poms and secure them to the headband. Thus, you will have a chic look, wearing this pom-pom headband.

6.  Cute DIY Criss-Cross Headband Tutorial

To create this amazing criss-cross headband, you should just buy a long fabric and put its center on your neck. After criss-crossing, secure the ends at the back of your head.

7.  Cute DIY Bow Headband Tutorial

To refresh your look, you may make a shimmery bow headband. It is quite easy to get a glowy ribbon. Create a bow just folding the satin ribbon and securing it with glue. Tie the middle part of the bow with a string. Apply spray adhesive and glitter on the bow. Wait until it gets completely dry. Use glue to secure the bow to your headband. Consider that you may create shimmery bows in any color. Your elegant look will amaze your friends.

8.  Cute DIY Confetti Crown Headband Tutorial

The stylish outfit will be incomplete without a confetti crown headband. It will help you look outstanding. It will also boost up your mood and provide you with a tricky look. Co

Take a wire and after trimming it with a wire cutter, make several circles. Don’t try to make it ideal. Apply glue on the wire and “soak: it in confetti. Consider that the crown should be covered with confetti. In this way, you will create your desired confetti crown headband.

9.  Cute DIY Star Headband Tutorial

This type of headband is fantastic, if you are preparing for a great party. It will help you look glowy during the whole festival. For this look, you will need wire or headband and stars. Just glue the stars on your headband and the amazing look will be ready.

10.  Cute DIY Workout Headband Tutorial

To make this stunning workout headband, you should take any of your T-shirts and trim it horizontally beginning from the bottom part. After trimming five pieces, use tape to tie them. Thus, it will not be difficult for you to plait. After braiding, knot the ends to create a headband. Get rid of the ends with scissors and enjoy your workout headband.

11.  Cute DIY Fancy Headband Tutorial

Consider that this headband should have a wide shape. After folding your chosen fabric, sew it with a machine or just with your hands. Leave the ends open. You will create something like a tube. Finally, after folding one of the ends and hiding the second one into it, you will get this cute DIY fancy headband.

12.  Cute DIY Lace Headband Tutorial

Take lace and elastic and be ready to create this cute headband. Cut the lace into two equal parts and put one of their ends together. Then place the elastic on the top of the lace and sew them together with a machine. Repeat the same action with the other end. Finally, you will get one of the most astounding headbands.

13.  Cute DIY Beaded Headband Tutorial

To make this fantastic type of headband, create a strand of pearls. Make a knot and arrange pearls on the thread. Then use your glue gun to glue the pearls, creating a circle. Wait until they dry. Place the pearly circles on your headband, again securing with glue. Create as many circles as you like.

14.  Cute DIY Lace-Flower Headband Tutorial

It will take you several minutes to make this type of headband. All you need is just taking lace and creating a nice flower with it. Then, secure it to your headband and get a cute DIY lace headband. How splendid it will be if you choose the black color.

15. Cute DIY Mirrored Headband Tutorial

It will take you several minutes to create this mirrored headband. Just have at your hand a headband and glue several pearls, mirrors and gems on it. Your gorgeous and eye-catching look will be achieved.

Thus, there are numerous cute headbands that you may get inspired by. Follow these tutorials and you will be able to make them at home.

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