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Kate Middleton’s Best Hair Moments of Her 31st Year

Each celebrity has her own hairstyle history. You may draw your inspiration from such amazing woman as Kate Middleton. At the age of 31, she wore the most stunning hair looks. In this post, we have decided to sum up Kate Middleton’s best hair moments of her 31st year.

1.  Kate Middleton’s Post Pregnancy Hairstyle with Height

During her pregnancy, Kate Middleton’s hair became thicker and more gorgeous. To keep her pretty hair after giving birth to her baby, Kate Middleton provided her hair with extra texture and height.

2.  Kate Middleton’s Wavy Hairstyle

Kate Middleton rocked soft waves in her family picture. She looked great with her husband and a newborn son George. We shouldn’t ignore the presence of their dog in this photo, as well. Kate Middleton’s look was lovely and attractive, which is one of the best hair moments of her 31 year.

3.  Kate Middleton’s Braided Hairstyle

Here is another best hair moment of Kate Middleton’s 31 year. At the ceremony of the Queen’s crowning Kate Middleton created an exquisite braided hairstyle. She took hair sections from both sides and plaited them, adjusting with hairpins. Making it loose, Kate Middleton got a chic and lovely look.

4.  Kate Middleton’s Low Ponytail Hairstyle

In December, Kate Middleton decided to try a low ponytail, which became one of the best hair moments of her 31 year. She center sectioned the front part of her hair and pulled the rest of her hair into a low ponytail. She tied her ponytail with a ribbon from a velvet material.

5.  Kate Middleton’s Christmas Hairstyle with a Green Hat

Have a look at Kate Middleton’s best hair moment of her 31 year. Kate Middleton highlighted her chestnut and gorgeous hair with a chic green hat. It is an ideal hairstyle option for Christmas.

We hope in her 32s Kate Middleton will again amaze us with her new and interesting hairstyles.

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