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Kate Middleton’s Style Evolution

Kate Middleton is already well-known for her sense of high fashion. In fact the young Duchess always manages to add an elegant allure to her look which we think is something that comes naturally. Thus, take a look at the style evolution of the Duchess and see what memorable appearances Kate Middleton has! Country Inspired […]

Kate Middleton’s Best Hair Moments of Her 31st Year

Each celebrity has her own hairstyle history. You may draw your inspiration from such amazing woman as Kate Middleton. At the age of 31, she wore the most stunning hair looks. In this post, we have decided to sum up Kate Middleton’s best hair moments of her 31st year. 1.  Kate Middleton’s Post Pregnancy Hairstyle […]

How to Style Kate Middleton’s Curls

Michael Forrey, who is the Creative Director of NYC Salon, reveals us how to style Kate Middleton’s curls. Follow this tutorial and you will be able to create Kate Middleton’s astounding look. 1.  Before drying your hair with a blow dryer, spread a little styling liquid on your hair, which has a texturizing feature. It […]

Kate Middleton’s Top 10 Stylish Moments

Probably everyone knows the famous Kate Middleton. She is always in an amazing and astounding look. The Duchess of Cambridge shocks us with her super-glamorous outfits. Here are Kate Middleton’s top 10 stylish moments, you may get inspired by. 1.    Kate Middleton’s Navy Outfits Kate’s navy outfit drew everyone’s attention, when she appeared in front […]

Kate Middleton’s Best Hairstyles

The beautiful Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton always manages to impress us with her fine elegant style and surely she is a lady to be inspired from, if you want to create an impressing, graceful look. Thus, take a closer look at the best Kate Middleton’s hairstyles and let them become your main source of […]