How to Style Kate Middleton’s Curls

Kate Middleton

Michael Forrey, who is the Creative Director of NYC Salon, reveals us how to style Kate Middleton’s curls. Follow this tutorial and you will be able to create Kate Middleton’s astounding look.

1.  Before drying your hair with a blow dryer, spread a little styling liquid on your hair, which has a texturizing feature. It is also able to provide your hair with shine and elasticity. Skip applying this product on your hair roots.

How to Style Kate Middleton's Curls

2.  Dry your tresses with a hair dryer and a paddle brush. If you brush your hair off your face, you will have lifted roots.

3.  After you have dried your tresses, you may create either a side or a middle section. It greatly depends on your face form. The side section may go with almost all face forms, while the center section is considered trendy and it may go best with narrow face forms.

4.  Separate your tresses into two parts: up and down. Adjust the hair part, which is closer to the top, using clips. In case your hair lacks texture, you had better ignore this step.

5.  Now it’s turn to curl your locks. Considering your hair thickness, take the corresponding barrel. Start curling from the temple and go to the back part of your neck. Wrap some hair strands around the barrel and create curls off your face. Wait until all the curls get cooler. Then let the upper hair section loose, removing the clips and do the same curling action.

How to Style Kate Middleton's Curls

6.  After curling all your hair, let it cool completely. To have shiny locks, you are advised to use several drops of liquid gloss. It is also great for flyaway.

7.  Unfasten your curls, slightly pulling them down. Then, shape the curls with your fingers and bring them forward on your shoulders.

8.  Finally, apply hairspray on your locks to make them stay in place.

Thus, it’s possible to rock Kate Middleton’s curls, if you just follow these easy steps.

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