Skin Care Tips for Dry, Itchy Skin In Winter

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Despite all the excitement of enjoying the good sides of winter season, there is also the concern of how to deal with all the specific issues of winter season and one of the most common skin care issues that winter season brings is the one of having a dry, itchy skin. Well, don’t worry my dear fashionistas as that’s what we are for! In fact we suggest more than one method, perfect to fight dry skin! So, ready to find out? Here we go!

Skin Care Tips for Dry, Itchy Skin In Winter

Using Face Balms

Ok, who said that balms are only made to take care of the condition of your lips? In fact there are so many affordable face balms to choose from and all with guaranteed results! So, this is a great way to protect your skin during the cold winter days.


Cleansing your skin properly is another great way to secure it from dryness caused by the cold weather. In fact for better results we suggest you to go for creamy or milky cleansers as they are especially made for sensitive skin types.

Using Milk

Surprised to hear? Well, once you try it you’ll see why we especially mention milk as a great skin care remedy for dry, itchy skin. Thus, add one or two cups of warm milk on your bathtub, stay in for 15 minutes. Try this method couple times and you won’t be disappointed by the results!

Applying Sunscreen

Using a sunscreen during the winter is almost as much important as using it during the summer. The only difference here is that you can allow yourself to go for a lighter formula as sun rays are less intense.

Change your Moisturizing Regime

As during the cold seasons your skin tends to dry easily we suggest you to reconsider your moisturizing regime and make sure you moisturize it more than two times on a daily basis. Also, for better results don’t forget to exfoliate well before applying any moisturizer.

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