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DIY Facial Exfoliators to Try

You may easily get rid of the dead skin cells and make your skin younger with the use of DIY facial exfoliators. If you are interested to find the best ones, try these DIY facial exfoliators and feel their beneficial qualities on your skin.

Try DIY Exfoliating Scrubs

To purify your skin, you had better try facial scrubs with an exfoliating feature. It helps you to take care of your skin and get rid of the extra oil. Besides, all the imperfections of your face will disappear due to this facial scrub. The result will make you enjoy your glowy face.

Sugar Scrub as Natural DIY Facial Exfoliator

Here is one of the natural facial exfoliators, worth trying. It will help you to make your dry skin softer and give you a shiny complexion. To prepare this amazing sugar scrub, you will need essential oil of orange (2 drops), water (2 drops), and cane sugar (1 teaspoon). Blend them in a deep dish and after getting a soft paste; spread it on your face. Be careful not to apply it on your eyes. After leaving this scrub on your face for 15 minutes, wash it, suing lukewarm water. The result will fascinate you.

Facial Scrub with Honey and Yogurt 

Get acquainted with another DIY facial exfoliator. You had better go for natural methods, as they are healthy and beneficial. Just combine yogurt and honey and your facial scrub will be ready. It will help you to get rid of the blackheads and other imperfections of your face. This facial scrub is also fabulous for acne.

For this amazing facial exfoliator, you should have at hand honey (1 teaspoon) and yoghurt (1 tablespoon). After blending them together, apply the paste on your face. Wait for 20 minutes and then wash.

You may also go for chemical products as facial exfoliators but we recommend trying natural ones to protect your skin from irritations. The mentioned above DIY facial exfoliators may be your great inspiration.

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