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Kate Middleton’s Style Evolution

Kate Middleton is already well-known for her sense of high fashion. In fact the young Duchess always manages to add an elegant allure to her look which we think is something that comes naturally. Thus, take a look at the style evolution of the Duchess and see what memorable appearances Kate Middleton has!

Country Inspired

This style of Kate Middleton was captured in a park while the Duchess was hanging out with friends. It was very impressive to spot beautiful Kate in an unexpected country inspired look!

70’s Inspired

One of the most colorful appearances of Kate was the one at the Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco fundraiser and as you can see this is one of the few cases when the Duchess dared to go bold.

Elegant, Chic

Probably a look that is more close to the ones that we are getting used to see Kate in. In fact what’s really worth-mentioning about this look is that it is a monochromatic yet very interesting combination due to its unique accessories.

Issa Dress

Well, there is no need to even mention about the fact that Kate Middleton’s favorite color is blue and no wonder why, look how gorgeous she looks wearing blue!

Engagement Look

A modern approach of the timeless classy engagement look, perfectly shown off by Kate Middleton, as you can see the royalty follows the philosophy of less is more even when it comes to creating a look for such a big life event.

Royal Wedding

There is no need to comment this appearance of Kate as only a sight is enough to understand what is all about! Delicate, feminine, magical dress perfect to embellish the natural beauty of the Duchess.

 Wedding Party Gown

It is so hard to say which of these beautiful wedding looks was better as both gowns were based on the same sophistication: simple yet very chic!

Birthday Look

A gorgeous double-breasted coat signed by Alexander McQueen, the best choice to emphasize the natural femininity of one of the most elegant stars: Kate Middleton.

Showing off the trend of the Metallic Hints

Another flawless look that for once again proves the sense of high fashion that Kate has! In fact as you can see the young star perfectly accessorized the look adding a modern vibe to the timeless classy.

Going Green

Kate Middleton is a star that can appear wearing bright colors yet look very elegant and this gorgeous appearance of hers for once again comes to prove our statement!

Sporty Look

Even sportswear looks very impressive on Kate, which for once again screams about the natural beauty of the Duchess.

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