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7 Cool Spring Style Inspirations

If you are seeking for a glamorous look for spring 2014 and want to brighten your dull appearance, take into account these 7 cool spring inspirations.

1.  Light-Toned Bag

For spring 2014, you may get inspired by glamorous bags in lighter tones and in feminine forms. These brandy bags are all you need for a fantastic look.

2.  High-Fashion Clothes

You will get a great appreciation, if you take this cool spring style inspiration for spring 2014. Show off some part of your body, wearing a garment with open shoulders.

3.  Apply a Little Glitter  

Here is one of the best cool spring style inspirations for you. Apply a little shine to your winter pale face skin. Shimmery products create miracles and bring your skin to perfection.

4.  Perfect Elegance

Get inspired by the cool hairstyle look from Altuzarra’s fashion show spring 2014 runway. Create an elegant and sophisticated look, dyeing your hair into a blonde shade. Pull your hair back, make it tight and enjoy your trendy look for the new season.

5.  Accessorize Your Hair with Hair Bow

Make your straight low ponytail look modern with a nice hair bow. It will soften your severe look and provide you with an eternal beauty. It is one of the cool spring style inspirations, which may give you a gorgeous and chic look.

6.  Chloe’s Collection

Draw your inspiration from Chloe’s great collection and you will be able to create your own style for spring 2014. Wearing this outfit, you will be provided with a feminine and nautical look at the same time.

7.  Gold Rings with Diamonds and Pearls

Rings, embellished with diamonds in a black color and delicate pearls, are an ideal spring style inspiration for a gorgeous and sophisticated look.

To achieve a fabulous and divine look for 2014, take into consideration these cool spring style inspirations. 

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