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The New Beauty Trend of Tropical Citrus Lips

We are super excited to announce about one of the most fascinating beauty trends that will become one of your biggest motivations to update your winter look! Thus, grab a comfortable seat and get ready to admire the new beauty trend of wearing tropical citrus lips.

What we can surely say is that this adorable trend of wearing tropical citrus lips will become one of the biggest obsessions especially for those fashionistas who love creating eccentric looks! Moreover, this appears to be a great idea of adding a positive vibe to the grey, winter look.

In fact there are few tones of the gorgeous tropical citrus hint, which means that you have more than one alternative to go for. So, let’s get more detailed information about each.

Tropical Lip Trend: Apricot

A comparably softer approach of the vibrant color appears to be this specific one, which is a perfect solution for those of you who don’t want to go bold but still want to try this new beauty trend.

Tropical Lip Trend: Peach

Another soft alternative appears to be peach, which by the way is strongly recommended for those of you who have pale skin.

Tropical Lip Trend: Orange

What we love about this cute yellow-tinted color is its ability to easily add a playful vibe to the whole look and brighten it up. In fact you can easily combine this tone with a light touch of the same color on the cheeks and create a gorgeous makeup style!

Tropical Lip Trend: Bold and Eye-catching

Now, for those of you who want to take this alluring beauty trend in to whole another level we suggest sticking with an eye-catching, vibrant shade just as this one. Moreover, combine it with almost nude makeup and create a stunning look that corresponds to the newest beauty trends dictated by our beloved stylists.

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