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7 Valentine’s Day Youtube Manicure Tutorials

If you want to have a splendid nail art design on Valentine’s Day, you may have a look at these YouTube manicure tutorials. You may rely on this easy method, instead of spending hours at the salons. You may give preference to that nail art design, which will suit you best. To bring them to perfection, you just need practice. In this post, we have collected 7 Valentine’s Day YouTube Manicure Tutorials.

1.  Perfect Valentine’s Day YouTube Manicure Tutorial

If you are a beginner and want to create something special for Valentine’s Day, get inspired by this YouTube manicure tutorial. First, apply a clear nail polish on your nails, as it will help your manicure stay for a long time. Then choose a red mani as a base color. Paint it in several coats and let it dry. Finally, use a top coat and enjoy your glow and professional nail art design. A great choice on Valentine’s Day.

2.  French Mani with a Matte Black Nail Polish

Dare to wear matte black on Valentine’s Day and create a cute French mani with it. Have a look at this tutorial, and it will take you several minutes to get a classy and elegant nail art design.  For this look, use a clear polish to protect your nails. Then paint your nails, using the black mani. Wait until it dries completely. Use stickers to cover the tips of your nails. Apply the matte top coat on the rest part of your nails and after removing the stickers, you will get a black French mani in a matte tone.

3.  Ombre Nail Art Design

Here is an abstract Valentine’s Day YouTube manicure tutorial. You can’t stay indifferent while watching this video. For this nail art design, you don’t need any sponge. Just take a striper or a thin brush for painting your nails and 4-5 manicures in various shades, go from a lighter to a darker tone. After applying them, you will get a fantastic ombre nail art design for Valentine’s Day.

4.  Zebra Printed Nail Art Design with Black Mani

If you are fond of black mani, you may apply it and embellish it with prints. Here is a great Valentine’s Day YouTube manicure tutorial, which will help you get an extraordinary nail art design. After painting the clear polish, apply the black mani as a base tone. For Zebra stripes, use a thin striper and a black nail polish. Draw lines and join them. Finally, cover your nails with a top coat and get glossy nail art design for Valentine’s Day.

5.  Mermaid Nail Art Design

This magical Valentine’s Day YouTube manicure tutorial will teach you how to create this mermaid nail art design. For this look, you will need three nail polishes in various blue tones, a sponge and a brush. After applying the clear mani, use the base nail polish. Then, draw stripes on the sponge, using three polishes and apply it on your nails. To remove the imperfections, use a brush and a polish remover. To create mermaid design, use a stamp. Finally, use the glittery top coat.

6.  Great Valentine’s Day Nail Art Tutorial

If you can’t get inspired by the mentioned above YouTube manicure tutorials, go for these ones. Opt for contrasting tones and forms and look amazing on Valentine’s Day. You may apply a neutral mani on one of your nails and draw hearts on it. To get hearts, put two black dots and join them with a third one. Decorate another nail with a black mani and a nice heart in the middle of it. You may also paint your nails in a black tone and apply a little glitter on it. Another option is using a silver nail polish together with a glitter.

Here is another Valentine’s Day nail art option. You may apply a white polish as a base color and draw a pink heart in the center. You may accentuate your ring finger with a glittery silver nail art polish. It is super easy and cute.

You may also go for a classic nail art design and play with red and bronze nail polishes. After painting the red tone as a base color, you may draw a heart, using a bronze mani. You are also advised to use the bronze tone as a base shade and draw a red heart on your nail tip.

7.  Leopard and Half-moon Designs with Matte Black

To look trendy and chic on Valentine’s Day, you may combine these cute nail art designs: Leopard and half-moon designs with a matte black nail polish. For this look, cover your nails with a neutral nail polish. Put several spots on your nails with a special tool. Then create half circles around the spots with a black mani. For a final look, apply the top coat.

To create the half-moon design, use a sticker and apply the black mani. After removing the sticker, you will get the half-moon design. Finally, cover your nails with a matte top coat.

These 7 Valentine’s Day YouTube manicure tutorials will show you how to rock the most stunning nail art designs at home without any great efforts.


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