Cool Ways of Wearing a Beanie

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Wearing a beanie isn’t only a way of defense against the cold, winter days but also a great way of accessorizing! Thus, considering especially the fact of it being a stylish accessory we decided to present to you some cool ways of wearing a beanie. So, follow reading below and find out how you can add the perfect finish touch to the whole look with the help of this cure accessory.

Cool Ways of Wearing a Beanie

How to Wear a Beanie: Short Type of Hair

The best thing to do if you have short hair and you want to wear a beanie is let your fringe out to fall on your forehead. Also, for better results we suggest you to push it a bit back in order to let more strands to fall out.

How to Wear a Beanie: Long Hair

Well, compared to short, long hair allows you to play with different styles. Thus, you can either keep the natural texture of your hair and wear your beanie laid back or go for a more classic way of wearing it. Moreover, you can also create other cute styles by wearing a beanie with a side ponytail or simply show off a stylish approach of the braid trend by appearing with a cute fishtail braid combined with an adorable beanie.

Cool Ways of Wearing a Beanie

How to Wear an Arched Beanie

Well, the most important thing that you need to consider if you want to wear an arched beanie is what style you want to create as this type of beanie matches the best with a more relaxed, cool style. Also, to reach perfection, wear it on the back of the head with a sided fringe and leave some strands from the sides hanging.

Cool Ways of Wearing a Beanie

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Cool Ways of Wearing a Beanie
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