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24 Festive Nail Art Ideas

Red nails with white Christmas nail art

Gearing up for the holidays? This busy time of year keeps us all on the run, and sometimes we forget to do a little something for ourselves. Make it a priority this year to ramp up or vamp up your style with nail art. While you’re getting your party outfits and makeup together, don’t forget […]

What’s the Real Story Behind Valentine’s Day?

Couple enjoying a candlelit romantic moment

From flowers to candy hearts, around $20 billion dollars was spent in the USA alone last year for Valentine’s Day. Each year, this industry seems to continuously grow, but have you ever stopped to think about what it is you are actually celebrating? Here is the real story behind Valentine’s Day… The Story of Saint […]

Unique Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Beloved One

Woman holding heart-shaped accessories on her eyes

Getting ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Well, check out our list of the most unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your beloved one and get some crazy ideas that will help you to mark another memorable day in the calendar! So, ready to check out? Here we present! Enjoy Cooking Something Together Cooking something […]

6 Love Inspired Valentine’s Day Hairstyle Tutorials

Woman with garland of roses in hair

If you haven’t planned yet what hairstyle to wear on Valentine’s Day, these 6 love inspired Valentine’s Day hairstyle tutorials will help you create both a romantic hairstyle and a casual one. You may bravely go both for a meeting with your sweetie and with your friends. Such great hair bloggers as Lilith Moon, Luxy […]

Runway Inspired Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Fashion model on runway

Considering that one of the most important events is coming up we decided to present to you some gorgeous runway inspired outfit ideas that will help you to create a flawless look for Valentine’s Day! Thus, get ready to explore beautiful pieces directly from the runway, suggested to embellish your Valentine’s Day look! Valentine’s Day […]

DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Wine glasses with orange ribbons

On Valentine’s Day, you want to create a special present for your sweetie. Going for DIY crafts, you will be able to please your sweetie and it will not be too expensive for you. These DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas will leave your sweetie fascinated and your efforts will be appreciated. 1.  Create Coupon Book […]

Lovely Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas

Woman with red nail polish and cupcake

As the holiday season ends, we all start getting ready for yet another gorgeous day, which is all about emotions, love and heartbeats! Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of the year when you maximum feel love in the air, start appreciating the one beside you even more and get totally romantic. Preparations for this […]