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19 Amazing Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding couple with silver gifts

Remember the first date, the first kiss, the first time she moved in? We’re not talking about you! If your best friend, sibling, cousin, or co-worker has gone for the wedding plunge and wants to say “I do” in front of a hundred guests decked in gold and pink (hey, to each person their own), […]

Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Over 50

Father and son outdoors

Celebrating Father’s Day is an annual affair. As June rolls around, it is time to pick the perfect present for the old man. For dads who are over 50, we have a list of ideal gifts. Check out our top 5 picks below: As Bobby Fischer once said, “Chess demands total concentration.” Challenge your old […]

Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  Father’s Day is just around the corner and there’s nothing more rewarding than being able to express your love for Dad on his special day. You can surprise him in any way you want, but here are some cool stuff I’ve found and would suggest you try if you want to make him happy. […]

Best and Worst Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and showing your love and appreciation for your mom can be done with a thoughtful gift. I make it a point to give functional gifts which I know my mom would like and so far, she’s loved all of them. I’ve heard some of my friends say that […]

What does Your Mother’s Day Gift Say to Your Mom?

Mother’s day gifts are quite hard to shop for because just how do we convey affection and love to the woman who gave you life and raised you? A lot of times, we panic when we think of mother’s day because we genuinely have no idea what to get so we end up with rubbish […]