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Author Archives: Mayank Kandoi

Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Over 50

Father and son outdoors

Celebrating Father’s Day is an annual affair. As June rolls around, it is time to pick the perfect present for the old man. For dads who are over 50, we have a list of ideal gifts. Check out our top 5 picks below: As Bobby Fischer once said, “Chess demands total concentration.” Challenge your old […]

Three Pairs of Shoes You Must Own

Woman with black heels

Some of us may have a closet full of shoes and others may only have one pair. Realistically I think the goal should be somewhere in between, depending on your lifestyle. If you go hiking every weekend, then hiking boots would be essential. If you are a runner, then a good pair of sneakers are […]

Back into the Arch of Things

Woman tweezing eyebrows.

Perfecting the perfect arch is an absolute must to maximize your eye potential. With the right techniques and tools, any woman can have the luxurious eyebrows they dream about, elevating their overall sex appeal. The following guidelines will help to achieve the right look. Rebuke Bushy Brows When it comes to the heft of your […]

Best Skin Care Products for Fall

Woman applying moisturizer

With the summer almost over and the fall season fast approaching, there are a slew of products out there proclaiming to keep your skin healthy, smooth, and vital during the colder months. Here are a few that have been proven to work and if applied regularly, can protect your face and body against the ravages […]

Fall 2014 Trend Alert: ‘Sheer’ is Still Here!

Fall 2014 is kicking off in high gear with various trends of new and old! Some trends came directly from this summer and will endure this fall and the upcoming winter! The ‘sheer’ trend is one of them so if you didn’t find yourself gravitating to this detail on garments in the retail stores, then you […]

Fall 2014 Trend Alert: 60’s Inspired Fashion!

We remember the 60’s for super cool automobiles, the turbulent Civil Rights movement, Johnny Cash tunes and Julie Andrews singing sweetly as Mary Poppins! But that fun era also inspired some of the awesome fashions we rock today! The 60’s are BACK for Fall 2014 so you’ve got to know which pieces to shop for and how to style […]

Fall 2014 Trend Alert: Normcore

Normcore: It’s simplicity, not boredom. Fall is officially under weigh and though warm weather hasn’t totally eluded us, we’ve gotten a chilly day here and there. I’ve taken full advantage of these cloudy days in my cropped (and thin) knit sweaters over denim button-ups! It’s only a matter of time before we’re in our boots […]

Fall 2014 Trend Alert: Bold, Beautiful Colors!

When we imagine fall we think of leaves falling like confetti in beautiful oranges, reds, yellows and deep browns. We opt for brown boots and burnt orange sweaters reminiscent of Scooby-Doo’s Velma’s style. That’s great, because it’s a classic color scheme and there are many ways to wear it well. But guess what? The usual autumn […]

Fall 2014 Trend Alert: Prints!

Prints are one of the coolest, most creative ways to stay on top of fashion trends! This is largely due to the fact that they NEVER go out of style. You can incorporate a print into one piece of your outfit or dare yourself to incorporate multiple prints into your look! Sure, one print may […]

Korean Skin Care and Beauty Straight from a Korean Woman

Young Korean woman with beautiful skin

There seems to be a vast growing interest in America for Korean skin and beauty care these days. While caring for skin has been significant part of Korean culture for quite a while, in America it is a still developing interest. Having beautiful and young looking skin is growing in importance. Dermatologists from all over […]