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Fall 2014 Trend Alert: Normcore

Normcore: It’s simplicity, not boredom.

Fall is officially under weigh and though warm weather hasn’t totally eluded us, we’ve gotten a chilly day here and there. I’ve taken full advantage of these cloudy days in my cropped (and thin) knit sweaters over denim button-ups! It’s only a matter of time before we’re in our boots and pea coats and sweater dresses and trench coats! Are you uber-excited? I am! You should be, too! Fall 2014 is going to look like a national runway if you play your cards right and I’ve got another hand for you: Let’s go Normcore!
Unfamiliar with this fun? Well, the ‘normcore’ style is an ode to the basics featuring solid shades of blacks, grays, whites and beiges! It’s not the drabby funeral attire you might think, as it takes the minimalist look up several notches by featuring solid, calming shades while experimenting with different suits and silhouettes! Check out my examples below:

Vogue says the normcore style is “about anonymous, detail-free design” that suggests a certain level of confidence streaming from within! It takes the minimalist style to the ends of the earth and stops mid-pose with a silent strength! Some of your favorite celebrities have made the normcore style part of their daily image including Robin Thicke and soul singer, Janelle Monaè who can both often be seen in solid black-and-white combinations. Janelle Monaé in particular is a normcore stye championne who’s developed an image based on black and white fashions only. It’s her entertainment ‘uniform’ and an endearing homage to her hard-working parents who wore a uniform all of their lives as they made a life for their family! That’s Monaé’s very beautiful reason, but guess what? You don’t need a reason to go simple. Just do it!
And I have a fool-proof way to execute the simplistic normcore style without appearing stylistically asleep. I assure you it can be done. Here are a few tips with an accompanying look:

1. Get a power suit
This doesn’t mean to grab a suit with shoulder pads from the 80’s or an unflattering silhouette! Get a nicely tapered pants suit made of luxurious fabric that compliments your body and tastes. Maybe you have one? If not, ABC’s Scandal drops in a couple of weeks and along with it, they’re releasing a power suit inspired and designed by the star, Kerry Washington. It’ll be available at The Limited but not for long, as I predict it sells out. Who doesn’t love a power suit worn by one of the most powerful fictional characters on television? Get yours soon to master the normcore look!

2. Get a GREAT bag
And by GREAT, I mean a luxe one that exudes quality at every swivel. This isn’t the time for your boho chic bag or color-blocked Aldo leather. It doesn’t have to be Michael Kors because after all, he’s not the only one who can churn out an enviable statement bag. Go with Rebecca Minkoff’s Morning After Bag or a messenger bag from Diane von Furstenberg (my personal favorite). Whatever bag you choose, it does have to be delicious and solid. People will notice a quality bag from a mile away. It’s your visual statement delivered in a convincing (and very stylish) whisper.

3. Pointy Toe Shoes are a must
This style of shoe is something I swear by. I own them in heels and flats because I can guarantee they’ll look GREAT! It’s one of the most classic feminine shoe silhouettes and never gets old. Let these peek out of power suit pant hemlines and pierce eyes all over your office.

4. Great hair methodology
There’s no single hair styling technique that can add to your normcore. Do what makes you feel beautiful and well put-together. If that’s your go-to look, then so be it! If all else fails, go with a sleek ponytail straight to the back! If you’re feeling creative, try the Janelle Monaé faux-hawk up above! It’s creative, edgy but provides a simple silhouette for your hair.

Check out this normcore styling technique inspired by Janelle Monaé!

Will YOU be trying the normcore style?

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