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Geek Chic: Wearable Technology on the Runway

I love how technology keeps on giving us great gadgets we can use to have better lives and more connectivity. Also, one great thing about today’s technology is how we now have wearable pieces. These wearable pieces of technology allow us to have the functions of smart phones and other gadgets while staying fashionable in a much more modern way!

I’m thrilled with the idea of going all modern and being able to wear high-tech gadgets on the go. Just recently, there has been the appearance of wearable technology in fashion runways. Imagine that! High tech pieces that are also used as great fashion accessories. So what are some wearable pieces of technology that can give you the geeky chic look?

  • Google Glass – This is an eyepiece that allows you to do a whole range of smart features while having the piece sit comfortably on the place where eyeglasses are meant to be. They are transparent and very sleek, making them far from obtrusive and a joy to use.
  • Smart watches – There have been a lot of smart watches initially used for health purposes. Today, there are more modern smart watches from Samsung and Google, to name a few, that can make you look edgy and modern.
  • Rebecca Minkoff bracelets – Now we’re getting to the really fashionable stuff. Rebecca Minkoff bracelets are great for you if you want to be notified of calls and messages from certain contacts without looking like you’re wearing a piece of technology at all. It has a luxurious look to it and the chunky structure makes it a great fashion statement, too.
  • Tory Burch Fitbit – The Fitbit comes in a bangle and pendant version. Their golden exterior is paired with the black internal features. They look far from anything that has connectivity functions but these are great accessories that give you more than just looks!

If you would like to have a more updated look while staying functional, you can try adding these pieces to your daily look and you’ll instantly feel more modern while being more edgy and chic at the same time!

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