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Normcore Fashion: Fashion Trend or Inside Joke?

The world of fashion truly is a big world with many different styles and fashion statements. There are trends and pieces which become highly famous in which I see everyone wearing it! However, there are those who wear basic pieces of clothing—unpretentious, almost unnoticeable. When turned into a kind of fashion style, it is now known as “normcore.”

Fashion styles which are more known include gothic, corporate, punk, hipster—then there’s normcore. What is it, really? From what I’ve read, it’s from the combination of “normal” and “hardcore” because of the pieces of clothing used. Based on how I understand this, the fashion pieces used are unisex, plain colored, and almost always very casual. When worn on a regular basis, this is where the “hardcore” comes in. People who are usually seen wearing this may not always be called fashionistas, but in its own sense, this can be called their own fashion style.

I don’t think wearing the normcore fashion means being lousy or not having an eye for fashion, but it is also having a sense of comfort while looking presentable. What I like about this is that the clothes are so versatile, they don’t fall out of the trend. The clothes include basic shirts, dress shirts, denim jeans or other pants, and usually, closed shoes like sneakers or slip-on style shoes. The colors are usually very basic as well, and there are no loud patterns. Texture is achieved by just layering and having some accessories like bags and wearable accessories as well.

What I kind of don’t like about it is that it isn’t always seen as a fashion style because it doesn’t require much effort putting a fool-proof ensemble together given how basic it is. To the defense of those who wear it though, I think that they aren’t lousy or not fashionable—just that the comfort and versatility is something they enjoy about the look!

Whether it’s a joke to some or many, as long as the person who’s wearing it is comfortable and doesn’t look drab, normcore isn’t a bad fashion style for me.

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