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Fall 2014’s Top 5 Accessories

Fall calls for special accessories which aren’t too wintery yet but shows that you are getting ready for the colder days. I love accessorizing, and knowing the best pieces to wear can help you have a much better overall look! Here are the top 5 accessories you can wear to look all chic and fab for fall!

  • Cross body bag – A nice little cross body bag with all your makeup essentials and little girly things would be a perfect accessory to add texture to your look. You would benefit from something that has a very thin strap and a small bag that has a nice neutral color.
  • Knee-high boots – Knee high boots are great for the fall! Something black with patent or simple leather would do. You can wear a pair of maroon socks which would show a little over the top of the boots when you pair it with a skirt, or perhaps wear it with skinny jeans.
  • Blanket scarf – A blanket scarf would add not just color but texture and comfort to your overall ensemble as well. You can have a poncho-like look. A patterned scarf which has some lines or color blocking would be a great choice when you want to liven up your look. Just have this over your basic shirt and you’ll be good for a comfortable day out.
  • Gloves – Gloves are great to send off that fall feeling! They make a nice statement when paired with a trench coat or a classic cut sleeveless dress. I think it gives off that Audrey Hepburn feeling, while functioning as protection from the cold. You can pick any kind you fancy—fingerless, long gloves, or just hand gloves in the color you like best.
  • A handbag or clutch – This goes well with a gloved hand! A small clutch similar to your cross body bag’s structure would be great. A brightly colored clutch would be great to complement your otherwise plain-looking outfit. Try a handbag which has a rounded look or perhaps a triangular shape for a more edgier appeal.

Try out these accessories and you’ll have a fashionable fall!

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