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Craziest Beauty Ideas on Pinterest

We all love Pinterest for the many zany ideas it has to offer. I myself look to Pinterest for healthy food recipes and some exercise ideas from time to time and also when I need to get some outfit ideas for different occasions. I just love the mix of ideas and inspirations in the site.

In fact, I like Pinterest so much that I have even tried some of the DIY craft ideas on the site along with some beauty ideas. It is plain to see that I have a lot of love with the website but I must admit that from time to time, I run across some beauty ideas that well and truly stump me. As in, I stop dead in my tracks and literally stare at the screen with my mouth open.

Now, I am not going to say that the ideas do not work but I am saying that they truly seem so bizarre that I do not dare try them for fear of hurting or making myself sick.

Crazy Ideas

crazy beauty ideas

Glue to move blackheads – You know, I think they sell these little sheets that you wet and put on your face then peel off. As you peel them off, the nasty little gunk that gets trapped under the skin goes along for the ride. I think this is the same principle, but only you use actual glue (yes, like Elmer’s glue) and spread it all over your face, allow it to dry, then peel off. I tried this on my hands and well, I wasn’t brave enough to try it on my face.

crazy beauty ideas

Use milk to straighten hair – I tried having my hair straightened once and not only was it pricey but it took ages. Apparently, I can get the same result by using milk on my hair. Again, this one kind of scared me so I opted not to give it a try – it seemed too messy and I didn’t want ants crawling all over my shower. I did have some leftover milk scrub, though, so I used that on my legs and boy, did I feel all silky and smooth after.

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