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Heels at the Beach: Yay or Nay?

The beach is probably one of the best places to show off not only your excellent figure, but your unique sense of style as well. It has always been that one great place where you can mix fashion and comfort, while experimenting on how you can start turning heads with a few choice pieces. All this mixing and matching has become cause for confusion however, as women start taking the risks of going for fashion over comfort as they don their heels at the beach. Here are a few thoughts on whether heels on the beach are yay or nay:

  • Fashion Emergency. Putting a literal meaning to the term ‘fashion emergency’ can be a great risk as wearing more comfortable footwear as you walk on the sand is already challenging as it is. How much more if you were wearing heels? There is a great risk of you not being able to steady yourself as your heels sink into the sand, which could give you a twisted ankle and (hopefully not) a visit to the emergency room.
  • Walking on Wedges. Wedges are actually a great choice of footwear for the summer months when it’s time to enjoy a great day by the beach. These are probably great as you walk along the boardwalk to shop and have lunch with friends, or simply to enjoy the cool breeze and the warm rays of the sun. Have your flip flops ready however, should you decide to ditch those wooden planks on the boardwalk and decide to frolic on the sand instead. Barefoot is even better, as this is the safest bet yet. As long as you know that you’re rocking that summer dress, going barefoot will still make you as fashionable as ever.
  • In the Event of. Should you be invited to an event by the beach that requires dressier options than that cool summer dress or that cute top and shorts, you always have the option to wear something dressy, like an elegant maxi dress. Think twice about wearing those heels however, as the dress will still rock with a touch of the right accessories, even when worn with flats.

Stop taking the risks. Go for safer and more comfortable options and utilize the time you spend on the beach enjoying, instead of watching your every step and keeping your balance.

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