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Three Pairs of Shoes You Must Own

Woman with black heels

Some of us may have a closet full of shoes and others may only have one pair. Realistically I think the goal should be somewhere in between, depending on your lifestyle. If you go hiking every weekend, then hiking boots would be essential. If you are a runner, then a good pair of sneakers are absolutely required.

However, regardless of the footwear for these specific activities, there are three essential pairs that should be in your closet if you have a corporate-type job.

Black Wedges or Heels
These are the quintessential must-have for any working woman in the corporate world. There is probably very little in your closet that would not coordinate with a simple, classic pair of black heels or wedges.

Nude Heels
For anything else, go with nude. Not only does a pair of nude heels lengthen the leg when worn with a skirt, but it can be nearly as universal as the black heels. Wedges can also work if that is more your style or comfort level.

Loafers or Flats
While black or nude always work, this is a great place to have fun. A pair of red loafers or hound’s-tooth flats can jazz up any outfit. Or if you are experimenting with a new color such as plum or animal print, flats are a fun way to start. It is more daunting to take the leap with a leopard-print skirt, but a pair of tiger-striped loafers can really make an outfit pop.

It can really simplify the morning routine if all of your footwear coordinates with all of your outfits. There is no stress about picking the right shade of navy for those slacks, or making sure that the neon purple ones are suitable for work.

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