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Comfortable Shoes that are Still Stylish

Woman wearing comfortable, cute shoes

I’ve recently been diagnosed with chronic inflammation of both my lower back and some of the tendons in my feet.  This does not bode well for any stilettos in my closet.  While the high heels actually make my feet feel better, they do no favors for my lower back.

I’ve been on the hunt for shoes that not only feel good for my back and feet, but are also still stylish since I do not live a sneaker lifestyle during my work days.  I have actually gotten rid of all of the really tall pointed heels, keeping only my heels that were two inches or less.

During my research on how to manage these conditions, I found that wedges were really some of the best options.  And luckily they are in fashion!

Here is a quick list of the types of shoes that now occupy a significant portion of my wardrobe:

  • Nude Pumps – These, in particular, have a three-inch heel which is about my maximum now. The nude goes with a great deal of my wardrobe and looked terrific with the navy blue dress I wore in a wedding.
  • Black Wedges – Again, these are a great universal and provide plenty of support for both my feet and my lower back.
  • Black Flats – Because who couldn’t use a good pair of comfortable flats. The ones that I currently have don’t provide quite enough cushion so I added my own insoles.
  • Black Moccasins – For comfortable yet stylish support on the weekends, I wear these constantly.

I realize that there is not a lot of color variety in what I’ve listed, however, you could certainly substitute a fun cheetah print flat or a hounds tooth wedge and still take care of your poor back and feet.

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