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Face mask recommendations by skin type

Woman applying mud mask

Most of us love to treat ourselves and our skin to a nice relaxing mask.  Not only can it calm the frazzled mind, it does wonders for the complexion!  But since there are thousands upon thousands of available products, it is hard to pick one.  In fact, it can lead to a case of those frazzled minds!  Here are a few quick recommendations divided by skin type.


  • When my skin is feeling oily or breaking out, I almost always reach for my Boscia Luminizing Black Mask. It seems to draw out the impurities without drying my skin and leaves it smooth and radiant.


  • Technically speaking, normal skin can use almost anything! One of the absolute best exfoliating masks I have ever used is Philosophy The Microdelivery Resurfacing Peel.  I cannot describe how soft this duo makes my skin.


  • When my skin is dry, I love a good overnight mask, to make sure my skin has plenty of time to absorb all of those wonderful ingredients. Some of my favorites are the Sephora Collection Sleeping Mask in Honey, Avocado, or Rose.


  • Combination skin can use any of the ones listed above, depending on how your skin feels at the time. Or you can steal a trick from the top spas!  Use multiple masks simultaneously.  I don’t mean piling them on top of each other, I mean using a cleansing mask like Origins Original Skin™ Retexturizing Mask on the T-zone areas where it can be oilier and a moisturizing mask like Origins Drink Up™ 10 Minute Mask on your cheeks where it can be drier.

I realize that none of these recommendations are the wildly popular sheet masks.  I have not had good experiences with those although some people swear by them.

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